This registration is for those wanting to participate with their vehicle in our new autocross event. You may run Friday, Saturday or both days. Price includes UMI supplied lunch for each day. The Cruise In show and downtown cruise are FREE and do not require registration.

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Autocross Rates*

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Friday, August 11th $60
(Includes lunch & event T-shirt)

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Registration is full! Please join our waitlist HERE if you would like to be notified of an opening.

Saturday, August 12th
Both Days $110
(Includes lunch both days & event T-shirt)

*No refunds for cancellations AFTER July 10th 2017

UMI Open House
UMI Performance Inc.
509 Hemlock St
Philipsburg, PA 16866

UMI Cruise In & Car Show
Philipsburg Super Bowl
141 Enterprise Dr
Philipsburg, PA 16866

UMI Autocross & Ride-a-Longs
Mid-State Regional Airport
451 Airport Rd
Philipsburg, PA 16866

Autocross FAQs


Are helmets required?
No, helmets are recommended but are not required to participate in the autocross event for drivers and/or passengers


Are passengers allowed?
Yes, a passenger of 16 years of age or older is allowed as long as the passenger seat has the equivalent safety harness as the driver’s seat.


Can I race my street car?

Absolutely. Take all the stuff out of the interior and trunk (so nothing flies around and hits you), make sure the battery is secured, and make sure all lug nuts are tight. This stuff is all about the driver so bring your family car and have fun.


How do I figure out where to go?

We will have course walks with instructors and of course you can ride in one of the UMI cars or other experienced drivers.


I race auto-x all the time. Can I run slicks?

Any tire permitted. 200TW or greater to qualify for the awards. Less than 200TW indicates fun run only. As a matter of fact, we encourage any and all cars to compete.


I have a truck. Can I race?

No high CG vehicles such as 4WD pickups, tall SUV’s, etc. 2wd trucks are allowed. For clarification please contact us before paying.


Can I have a beer while watching my buddy race?

There is no alcohol permitted during the racing event. This includes drivers, spectators, etc.


I’ve never raced before and I’m pretty nervous. Can you help me?

Our goal is to promote motorsports as a fun hobby. We are happy to help you as are all of the other seasoned competitors. Even if you’ve never turned a wheel, you’ll have fun.


My husband/wife/friend is racing. What should I bring to get me through the day?

Lawn chair, umbrella, ice, suntan lotion, more ice, snacks.


My car is pretty awesome. How fast will I get to go?

Probably 50 mph max. But believe us, you’ll feel it.


Will my car be inspected?

Participating cars must pass a basic safety inspection that will include the following:

1. Functional seatbelts.

2. Proper brake pedal pressure and travel.

3. Battery hold down in place and proper.

4. All lugnuts in place and torqued.

5. Hubcaps, wheel covers and center caps are to be removed.

6. Valid driver’s license and proof of insurance.

7. Vehicle must be registered street legal vehicle. No Race Cars.

8. All loose items and floor mats to be removed from vehicle.


Will there be different classes for different vehicles?

No, we are running the event as fastest car wins. We may however include a pro-class which would consist the top 5 fastest cars in their own group. This is TBD.