91-96 Impala SS Adjustable Extended Length Upper Control Arms - Roto-Joints

Eliminate wheel hop, increase traction and improve handling performance with an easy bolt on installation. UMI Performance’s adjustable upper controls feature on car adjustability and are supplied with spherical Roto-Joints. The Roto-Joint design is a pivot ball lined with a greaseable delrin race designed to offer 28 degrees of total unrestricted movement, more than adequate for a bind free, low friction operation. The Roto-Joint design improves performance over the factory rubber and aftermarket polyurethane bushings by allowing the suspension to articulate correctly, and provide precision handling. The installed UMI Roto-Joint allows rear end free movement when high handling, auto cross or road race is a concern while still being a 100% streetable setup. The installed delrin race, which lines the spherical ball, absorbs shock and road noise for a quiet and smooth operation on any street or track driven vehicle.

For ease of adjustment UMI has designed our upper control arms with on car adjustability. Pinion angle adjustments can easily be made in the garage or at the track and making adjustments is as simple as loosening two jam nuts. Using UMI’s chrome moly on car adjuster, simply turn the adjuster with the control arms attached to the vehicle to quickly lengthen or shorten the control arm. As the control arms are shortened or lengthen the rotate the rear end changing the pinion angle. Pinion angle adjustments are crucial when wanting to lower your track 60 foot times, increase traction and reduce unwanted wheel hop.


  • On car adjustable using a chrome moly, heat treated adjuster
  • Mounting plate CNC machined from 0.250” thick mild steel
  • 4140 chrome moly threaded tube adaptors
  • Spherical Roto-Joints installed
  • Shipped fully assembled and ready to install
  • Uses OEM hardware
  • Brilliant and durable powder coat finish

More about Roto-Joint Technology….. UMI's Roto-Joint, short for Rotational Joint, allows 28 degrees of total rotation and unrestricted movement throughout the vehicles suspension. The Roto-Joint is designed to work like a spherical rod end while maintaining streetable qualities of a softer bushing. The Roto-Joint is designed to articulate and prevent suspension bind, and since the installed delrin race does not deflect like softer bushings, there is an improvement in traction and a significant reduction in wheel hop. The construction of the Roto-Joint features a 4140 chrome moly, hard chrome plated spherical ball which rotates in a delrin race. The 4140 chrome moly material and hard chrome plating are designed for extensive wear resistance against hard driving and accumulated miles. The spherical ball rotates in the CNC machined delrin bushing, which is contoured for the spherical ball to allow unrestricted movement as the ball rotates. Delrin is the bushing material of choice due to its high resistance against wear, great tensile strength, and ability to maintain its physical properties. The housing of the Roto-Joint features 4140 chrome moly threads, and a CNC machined bushing holder TIG welded together for the utmost in strength and durability. The UMI Roto-Joint is adjustable and 100% rebuildable. This means as the delrin race wears the adjuster ring can be tightened using the optional spanner wrench to apply tension to the ball. If the delrin race would ever wear completely it can be replaced easily. 

Spanner Wrench- This spanner wrench is used for adjusting and disassembling Roto-Joints used in all UMI Performance products. Over time if the delrin race inside the Roto-Joint would wear the spanner wrench is used to tighten the adjusting ring applying more pressure to the delrin inside. The spanner wrench is also used to disassemble the Roto-Joint for cleaning, inspection and rebuilding.

1991-1996 Chevrolet Impala SS/Caprice

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