1968-1972 GM A-Body Handling Kit, Stage 5

1968-1972 Chevrolet Chevelle, Monte Carlo, Malibu, El Camino
1968-1972 Buick Skylark, Grand Sport, Special
1968-1972 Pontiac Lemans, GTO, Tempest
1968-1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass, 442, F-85


UMI's new Stage 5 kit includes all of our high-end Pro-Touring products and will turn your A-body into a corner carving machine. Up front we start with UMI's awesome 4056-3 adjustable a-arm loaded with a 0.9" taller ball joint. This arm increases caster to around six degrees and allows road race camber settings with no shims. The lower a-arms are loaded with UMI-built Delrin bushings for smooth motion and precise steering as well as 0.5" tall lower ball joints to further increase spindle height and get rid of the factory bump steer. The 1.4" of additional spindle height transforms the A-body camber curve into something race worthy. Viking's front hybrid coilovers with double adjustable shocks ​allows ride height, compression and rebound adjustment. The ride height adjustment is accomplished with the included spanner wrenches and thrust washers. The compression and rebound adjusters are clicked by hand (no tools!) and feature a total of 361 possible valving combinations. The front is completed by UMI’s 1.250” CrMo handling sway bar. Out back we stiffen the chassis with adjustable tubular frame braces which stabilize the double Roto-Joint lower trailing arms and fully adjustable Roto-Joint upper control arms. With our 2999 axle housing Roto-Joints, we end up with full articulation in all 8 locations. 1” or 2” UMI rear lowering springs are controlled by Viking’s double adjustable rear shocks, once again featuring 361 possible combinations. Rounding out the rear is our ​three way adjustable 1" tubular Pro-Tour sway bar. This handling sway bar attaches to the axle housing and also to the rear crossmember for a bind-free system (requires drilling four 3/8" holes).  As always, this kit features UMI’s quality red or black powder coat and premium hardware. All UMI components are manufactured with pride in Philipsburg, PA – USA.

Key features:

  • Increased spindle height by 1.4” via tall upper and lower ball joints for improved camber gain and a better contact patch.
  • Upper a-arms with 0.9" taller ball joints add caster for improved steering feel and straight line stability.
  • Lower a-arms with 0.5" taller ball joints feature UMI-built Delrin bushings and accept standard springs or coilovers.
  • 1.250” front sway bar for flat cornering, CNC bent from 4140 CrMo.
  • Double adjustable Viking shocks are hand assembled in Minnesota USA and feature 361 possible valving combinations. Simply click and tune.
  • Hybrid coilover springs are available in various rates depending on application and are Made In USA
  • Rear trailing arms feature Roto-Joints as well as adjustable uppers for setting pinion angle and rear lateral location.
  • Roto-Joints allow smooth articulation for improved handling and less bind.
  • Choice of 1” or 2” rear lowering springs combined with Viking double adjustable rear shock works great on street, auto-x and even the drag strip.
  • 1” diameter rear Pro-Tour​ bar offers increased stiffness over factory 7/8” bar and allows fine tuning with three​ way adjustability.
  • Premium hardware included. Bolt on and go.
  • Manufactured in Philipsburg, PA – USA by workers who care about your car.

Stage 5 Kit Includes:

  • Tubular lower front a-arms with Delrin bushings,​ Part #4032-1
  • Tubular adjustable front upper front a-arms 0.9” taller ball joints, Part #4056-3
  • 1-1/4” Front sway bar with bushings and end links, Part #4035
  • Set of (4) double adjustable Viking shocks, front shocks coil over
  • Front coil over springs with choice of spring rate
  • Thrust bearing and spanner wrench for quick and easy height adjustments
  • Rear lowering springs, choice of 1” or 2” rear drop
  • Tubular rear lower control arms with dual Roto-Joints, Part #4040
  • Adjustable rear upper control arms with Roto-Joints, Part #4037
  • Tubular frame braces, Part #4028
  • Roto-Joint axle housing bushings, Part #2999
  • ​1" tubular rear Pro-Tour bar, Part #4047-300​
  • All new Grade 8 hardware with nylock nuts to install kit


Kit Substitutions- We can substitute any item of equal value or higher value. We cannot remove items from any kit and still offer the free shipping special. If you would like to substitute items please contact our sales staff at 814-343-6315 or the "Ask us about this item" link to request a quote.

Front Spring Rate Options:
450lb- Small block cruise
550lb- Small block handling, all big blocks 

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  • Part #: ABF809
  • Manufactured by: UMI Performance Inc.
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